Thank you for showing interest in our products and about us.

We are Venutha Chanagiri and Vikram Channagiri, proud parents and IT professionals working in IT industry for over a decade now. 

It all started when we were expecting our first child and as a new parents, skeptical about the well being of our child and wanting to do everything possible. Having an access to homeopathy, ayurveda and traditional and natural ways of living through doctors in the family both in the modern and traditional forms of medicine, mother and many friends who practice traditional and holistic methods of living. We started our journey through reading, collecting information, meeting people as we welcomed our first son Vishnu into our lives. 

HomeNeedz is our endeavor in popularizing the traditional foods, natural products and practices that we came across in this journey of our's.

Our Range of Products

Medicated Ghee

Skin Care

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Baby Foods

A lifetime of good health is built upon the foundation laid for your baby today. Inculcating good eating habits in growing years openly syncs their mind and body to realize the pattern as a habit. This habit leads to the formation of a lively, blooming baby.

Ayurvedic Oils

Ayurvedic Oils have been one of the essential reasons behind the widespread acknowledgement of Ayurveda and its medicinal benefits across the world today. Traditionally, these oils are believed to be carriers of love. Ayurvedic Oils of different compositions and preparation methodologies are used to create calming, soothing and healing effect for a variety of mental and physical issues.