Sanjeevana Taila

...A perfect Massage Oil for body and muscles

Vrudhi Sanjeevana Oil is a warming blend of more than 50 natural herbs. Sesame Oil forms the base of the concoction, expertly combined with natural herbs that include Bala Mula, Kola, Gambhari, and many more that adds to sesame oils medicinal benefits.
Sesame Oil is a widely used Base Oil in most of our Ayurvedic Oils. Vrudhi Sanjeevana Taila is carefully brewed with handpicked natural herbs that complements the soothing and alimentative powers of Sesame Oil. Sanjeevana Oil is most beneficial for Pre-and Post pregnancy stages, and is an excellent massage oil for cramps and pains.
We highly recommend this oil for Pregnant women and post delivery for external application. Also recommended on regular basis for Abhyanga.

Key Ingredients : Sesame Oil 

Other Ingredients : Bala Mula, Kola, Kulattha, Bilva, Syonaka, Gambhari…….and more

Best for Ages : Suitable for all Age Groups.

Vrudhi Sanjeevana Taila is a product born to the decoction of 56 ayurvedic herbs, and formulated by the traditional methods of the ancient texts. Our oil is subjected to an advanced double processing methodology for maximum absorption on application.

• Stimulates the nervous system.
• Excellent during pregnancy in all the three trimesters.
• Warming and Soothing during Pre and Post Pregnancy Stages.
• Relieving agent against Cramps..

Our preparation technique does not require to add any preservatives and the oils can be stored for years in an airtight container. However, we advise to use it within 12 months.
Store it in a cool, dry place.

Warm the oil. Apply oil all over body. Give a gentle massage and leave the oil for 10-15 mins. Take a bath with hot water. Recommended to be in the sun after oil application for maximum absorption of Vitamin D.

If any massaging details and how to be done can be provided, I can add it here.

Soon we will publish an article on baby massage and its benefits.

Qty : 100ml