Ragi Sari

A wholesome meal for your baby.

Vrudhi Ragi Mix is a careful blend of highly nutritious sprouted Ragi and 16 other natural ingredients including almonds and walnuts, devoid of any preservatives or added flavors, given the homemade treatment with our scrupulous preparation process.
Vrudhi Ragi mix is a product of our dedication to freshness and purity of natural ingredients, that aids to the overall growth and development of your baby’s mind and body.
Our Ragi Mixture has no added salt or sweetening agents to artificially enhance the taste. The ingredients are a natural blend to aid your baby’s easy digestion.

Key Ingredients : Sprouted Ragi Sari

Other Ingredients : Ragi, Rice, Wheat, Urad, Green Gram, Groundnut, Sego, Almond, Walnut, Til, Black Pepper, Methi,Seeds, Jeera, Dry Karjur, Cowpeas, Rajma, Chickpea.

Best for Ages : 5 months and above, especially once the solids have been introduced.

Ragi, Wheat, Chickpeas and Greengram are sprouted and dried. All the other ingredients are roasted, powdered and sieved to get a fine powder.
Vrudhi Ragi Mix is a complete and wholesome meal, that your baby will relish and look forward to every time.

  • Brain – Amino Acids from Almonds help in cerebral development of your child.
  • Stomach – Ragi eases out the digestion process, and acts as a good laxative.
  • Bones –  Rich in iron and calcium, Ragi toughens and hardens the bones of the baby.
  • Digestion – Easy digestion leads to easy poops and helps in weight gain.
  • Keep it refrigerated for usage up to 3 months.
  • Keep in dry, cool and air tight container if not refrigerated.

  • As Ragi Malt
  • As Porridge

Qty : 500g